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Have You Heard

My name is Elizabeth Hockmeyer-Williams and I am one of E-lluminations founders. E-lluminations began as a motivational speaking and professional development coaching service. As of May 29, 2020 we took our first photograph at our first High School graduation and since then worked with dozens of schools, thousands of graduates, taken thousands of school photos, and worked with more than 800 seniors.

Those numbers, while impressive aren’t what really matters. What matters are the stories that we learned, shared, laughed, and cried our way through in this challenging year #2020. As someone who loves to chat, loves to learn about people, added to my belief that we have a responsibility to learn something new everyday can sometimes feel like a lot of pressure.

To some that pressure feels like too much - for me that pressure is why I’m here tonight typing this blog post having survived a very interesting 6 months. I will always keep fighting for what I believe in.

I believe that you can offer high-volume boutique photography solutions when you have the technology to support that goal.

I believe that customer service matters and that it can be personal, efficient, and effective by leveraging technology to support that goal. I believe that the school photography model is broken for schools, parents, students, and the photographers and that by leveraging technology we can make this better for everyone. I believe that the way you treat people matters. E-lluminations is here to change the game. To learn more about our philosophy check this out:

To learn more about who we are check this out:

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