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A Passion Project ... Became Our Work ... Now A Foundation!

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During the very beginning of the pandemic, Jeff saw a need.  That need was real, present, and immediate - students, teachers, paraprofessionals, school administrators, and others needed computers to learn and work from home, and they didn't have them.  Jeff took two used laptops and handed them out to kids who needed them ... Jeff & Elizabeth launched a GoFundMe that raised over $12,000 and donated more than 1,000 devices to people who needed them ... that caught the attention of Essex County Community Foundation and a wonderful partnership was born.  Now we have a space, team members, and a path to reach even more people!

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 Jeff Williams 


Our Daughter in school

Jeff working from home

Elizabeth working from home

 April 2020 

Our mission is to promote digital equity and work to close the digital divide by providing internet enabled devices to anyone in need at no cost.  Our goal is to form strategic partnerships with businesses, organizations, schools, and government to create an ecosystem of device access, internet access, and education. 

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Want To Help?

Let us count the ways ... !!!


Organizations can donate their used electronic equipment - we are 5013C, get a tax deduction, AND we will pick up the devices & provide proof of data destruction.


We accept personal device donations at our Amesbury, MA location.  Some communities/businesses have partnered with us, setting up donation stations where people can drop off devices; reach out if you are interested in hosting a donation station.


Financial partnerships are a necessary part of serving the community and help us to provide devices to individuals at little to no charge.  Work for or run an organization that can help to support our mission with a financial contribution; please reach out!

Want to send some $$$$   RIGHT NOW .... CLICK HERE!

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Some Recent News!

"We're a non-profit, we started in 2020. Just like lots of other businesses, that through the pandemic, found that there was a huge need for devices that were internet enabled," founder Jeff Williams told WBZ-TV.


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