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“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things long after you have forgotten everything.”
— Aaron Siskind


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Bedford, NH

So much more than a dog park ... there are trees, stone walls, paths, greenery and beautiful views and so many options to highlight your student's best angles.  In the summer there are flowers, and in the fall the leaves are perfect backdrop.  We bring a few items including blankets, a stool, and other various things to create additional small “sets” for photos.


Bedford, NH

This park features perfect spots for photos including benches, trees, a gazebo and we bring a few items including blankets, a stool, and other various things to create additional small “sets” for photos.


Portsmouth, NH

This enchanting park is a nature lover's paradise nestled in the heart of this historic New Hampshire town.  This picturesque park is a testament to the beauty of nature, boasting an array of breathtaking flowers, majestic trees, refreshing shade, and a serene waterfront.

Please note that this location may be challenging to park close to, will require walking, and may require you to pay to park.  There is a small free lot next to the park, but it doesn't always have spots available.


Wells, ME

This location is one of our top three favorites.  From the beach, wooden boardwalk, stunning harbor views, and even a tree made from lobster buoys, there is a never-ending supply of perfect photo moments.


Newburyport, MA

Ready to put your toes in the water and celebrate your senior at one of the most beautiful beaches on the Northeast ... then this is the stop for you!  Steel beams shooting from the sand, perfect beach driftwood, and  spectacular beach dunes are just the beginning.

Nestled along the enchanting shores of Plum Island, in the coastal town of Newburyport, Massachusetts, lies a picturesque beach exuding rustic beauty and tranquility, with its captivating setting and pristine golden sands, this beach on Plum Island is picture perfect spot for your class of '24 graduate.


York, ME

Nubble Lighthouse is a charming and majestic spot that holds a special place in the hearts of photographers. Perched on a small rocky island just off the coast, this iconic lighthouse offers a stunning backdrop for capturing breathtaking photos.  Add in rocks you can climb on, cute steps to sit on, and flowers to enjoy ... so many fun spots to enjoy together.

This location may be busier, you can expect parking to be challenging, and the location is rocky.


Amesbury, MA

Downtown Amesbury is charming. With a river running underneath it, antique brick buildings, and a public amphitheater, there are unique and plentiful photographic opportunities. Hidden in plain sight is a wonderful little waterfall created by the waters of the Powwow River and formerly used by the surrounding mill buildings.


New England

123 Best Rd.
Town, City

This location might be nestled between rolling hills, a serene river, or a picturesque beach.  This nameless place is an enchanting haven for your senior portrait session where time slows down, allowing us to capture the moments between the moments and capture timeless photographs to commemorate this incredible moment in your life.

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