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What to Expect & other FAQ's


Commencement is one of those moments that only happens once or twice (maybe three or four times if you are truly dedicated!) and at E-lluminations we know that those moments require our utmost care and attention.

E-lluminations brings more than 25 years of commencement photography expertise, partnering with several prestigious fulfillment centers, all while remaining focused on delivering an outstanding experience from start to finish celebrating the Class of 2023!

Pre-Order today, watch your email for information, or give us a buzz if you have questions! 978.378.4660.

In the Classroom

Are you hired by my school?

Yes! We are contracted by your school.

If you have received an email solicitation from us at E-lluminations be assured we have been hired and contracted by your school.  Not sure?  Give us buzz and we will be happy to chat and confirm!

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Really, I should Pre-Order???

Yes!  You save money!

When we are able to submit orders to our lab in bulk we receive a discount.  We pass those savings onto our favorite people - YOU, our clients!  If you pre-order we save by submitting in bulk.  It's that simple! Average pre-order savings 25% ... the best part ... FREE SHIPPING on packages starting at $33!


Check out the various items, prints, packages, and fine art pieces available here!

Pre-Ordering is OPEN for 2024 Events!


What if I wait?  Will I see my photo?

Yes, we take everyone's photo!

Don't want to pre-order or not ready to make a purchase?  You can wait and you will receive a link to view your photos via email.  

What do I need to do on the DAY OF?

Do I need to do anything on the day of graduation to tell you that I've ordered or that I want to order?  Nope!


Just enjoy the day.  #Classof2024

If you've already ordered, it will be processed automatically, you are automatically registered and will receive a link.  Not sure if you want to order?  Register Below!


What if it's a bad picture?

You get a refund!

Most of our commencements offer us multiple moments to capture photos of each graduate.  First, we will try to locate a better picture, if we are unable then we will issue a refund.  No questions asked!

Founder Elizabeth Hockmeyer-Williams & her daughter Eleanor Williams, at a commencement in 2023, setting marks and getting our flash settings while Elizabeth outlined to Ellie what to expect ... it was her first commencement event as an intern with E-lluminations! 

Ellie is a Class of 2027 Berwick Academy future graduate!

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