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Benefits of Pre-Ordering!

1.) Automatic Discount:  Pre-Orders receive a discount because they are submitted to our processing partner in bulk (one group) & we pass those savings on to you.  Save an average of 25% by pre-ordering.  You can always choose to wait; however, prices increase after the event.  Pre-ordering is open until 48 hours after your event.

2.) FREE SHIPPING!  Various packages offer free shipping starting at $33

3.) No-Worry Guarantee: All Pre-Orders for Commencement Photos come with our No-Worry Guarantee. We know you are ordering before seeing the photographs, so if you don't like your photo, we have a couple of options.  First, we will look for an alternative & better image to fulfill your order, or if we don't have another better photograph, we will issue a full refund. It is that simple.

4.) Prints & Digital items are delivered FIRST to our pre-orders.  So if you want  to have finished photos before everyone else then this is the spot for you!

5.) You need your unique student code - scroll down to look up your code.
6.) Two photo moment choices are available - one when you receive your diploma and the second for a posed photo with your diploma​


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