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Lets Talk Numbers and Info for Elizabeth Hockmeyer-Williams

Tufts University, BA


E-lluminations was founded in May 2020

      Photographed our first commencement event May 29, 2020, and more than 200 events since then

      Photograph more than 7,000 graduating students every year

      Photograph several thousand underclass students every year

      Photograph hundreds of senior portraits each year

      Weddings, corporate headshots, sports, and everything in-between

Hockmeyer by Barksdale (2018-2020)

       Facilitated the sale of a successful family photography studio, Hockmeyer Studios to Barksdale School Portraits.

       New England Territory Manager for Hockmeyer by Barksdale

       Territory included managing the photography of more than 250,000 students every year

       Barksdale, the corporation photographed more than 1,400 schools yearly

Hockmeyer Studios / Essex Commencement Photos (2003-2018)

      COO responsible for more than 500 clients, including schools, Universities, Colleges

      Helped grow the territory by 60%

      Managed a full-time team of 25 with a seasonal team that included more than 80 people

EAHW and Ellie Overview Eras Stage.jpg
Ellie EAHW After Eras1.jpg

We were lucky enough to attend Gillette night 3 (my husband waited 6 hours online) and scored pre-sale regular-priced tickets for the 7th row from the top ... we didn't care one bit!  The experience was magical from start to finish and my favorite photo from the night was the last picture we took as we were dashing out of Gillette.  It was sheer joy for both of us.  Taylor Swift puts on an incredible show, and I will always appreciate how fortunate we were to go.

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