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Benefits of Pre-Ordering!

1.) Automatic Discount:  Pre-Orders receive a discount because they are submitted to our processing partner in bulk (one group) & we pass those savings on to you.  Save an average of 25% by pre-ordering.  You can always choose to wait; however, prices increase after the event.  Pre-ordering is open until 48 hours after your event.

2.) FREE SHIPPING!  Various packages offer free shipping starting at $33

3.) No-Worry Guarantee: All Pre-Orders for Commencement Photos come with our No-Worry Guarantee. We know you are ordering before seeing the photographs, so if you don't like your photo, we have a couple of options.  First, we will look for an alternative & better image to fulfill your order, or if we don't have another better photograph, we will issue a full refund. It is that simple.

4.) Prints & Digital items are delivered FIRST to our pre-orders.  So if you want  to have finished photos before everyone else then this is the spot for you!

5.) You need your unique student code - scroll down to look up your code.
6.) Two photo moment choices are available - one when you receive your diploma and the second for a posed photo with your diploma​

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Still not sure about pre-ordering?

Please complete the form below and you will automatically be notified when photos go live.  We don't barrage you with texts or emails, and both allow you to opt out at any time.

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