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Congratulations ED'ies Award Receipt(s) & their family!


E-lluminations offers our heartfelt warmest wishes on the outstanding win of your ED'ies award.

E-lluminations donates all of the photography to the ED'ies organization and that includes our photos for you to share and save.  

Links have been sent out and you can access it via the link below.

Congratulations & Best Wishes.

What do award receipts receive from E-lluminations?

E-lluminations will capture multiple photo moments throughout the ED'ies award event.  Those photos will be uploaded and available to all award recipients and their families.

Photos will be delivered via a digital link.  Once you receive your link (approximately 48 hours after the event) you will be able to download your Full & Social Resolution images for no charge.

Via that link, you are also able to order lots of different products but you don't need to!  Once you download our Full Resolution Photos they are YOURS!  You can share, print, and keep them for your family all with our compliments.


Where has Elizabeth been?

E-lluminations was founded May 2020

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