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Elizabeth &Jeff

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Jeff and Elizabeth met in 2004 in Las Vegas.  Jeff ran a large school photography company with more than 100 team members, Elizabeth had just graduated from Tufts, and was working in her families school photography studio (Hockmeyer Studios, Inc. / Essex Commencement Photos) figuring out what she wanted from her life. Turns out life already knew what she wanted and that was Jeff!

Very shortly after they met, Jeff moved to New England and joined the Hockmeyer family businesses.  Married in 2006, Jeff and Elizabeth have traveled together, worked together, and built a life that revolves around family.

The Hockmeyer's worked with the areas most prestigious Universities, Colleges, Private Schools, and Pre-K-12 schools.  Her families guidance coupled with years of experience adding in Elizabeth's attention to detail created magic and the families territory doubled.  In 2018, her family business was sold to a national larger company.

After quite a shake-up in her professional life in 2020, Elizabeth approached Jeff and they both decided it was time to go out on their own.  They have always believed that technology had the capacity to fundamentality alter school photography and that belief is fueling their next project. 


On May 29, 2020 they took their first graduation photo as E-lluminations and have since successfully photographed more than 5,000 graduates and their families, several thousand individual photos, and more than 300 senior portraits.




Elizabeth started in the industry when she was 5 years old sorting receipts with her Dad, Brian on their living room floor.  Elizabeth went to her first graduation at 13 and by age 16 was photographing more than 15 events each season including large college and high school graduation ceremonies, proms, and other school events.

Her attention to detail is unmatched and your families deserve to experience excellence with Elizabeth at E-lluminations.



Dynamic Photographer | Yearbook Expert

High-Volume Solutions Expert

Jeff brings more than 20 years of experience in the volume photography solutions market.  Jeff began his career as a teacher, jumped to a large volume school photographer in Ohio, worked and built helped build Hockmeyer Studios and Fast Foto Lab, experienced a Fortune 50 environment as a process systems improvement specialist and is now a full-time developer while helping to support Elizabeth in her dream of building her own company.

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